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Please click here for a list of our Safeguarding Designated Members of Staff. 

Senior Leadership Team

Mr M. Henry (Headteacher)
Mrs V. Ballantyne (Deputy Headteacher)
Mrs C. Knight (Deputy Headteacher)
Mrs N. Warry (School Business Manager)
Mrs S. Pierson (Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion and SENco)
Mrs A. Bansal (Assistant Headteacher Y1-2)
Mrs S. Rogers (Assistant Headteacher Y5-6)

Year Group Leaders

EYFS: Miss S. Taylor
Year 1: Mrs N. Rohim
Year 2: Mrs A. Bansal
Year 3: Mrs J. Bamrah
Year 4: Mr J. Curtis
Year 5: Miss A. Rafiq
Year 6: Mrs S. Rogers

Early Years Teachers

Nursery: Mrs S. Warlow & Mrs L. Christian

Reception Yellow Class: Miss S. Taylor (EYFS Leader)
Reception Blue Class: Miss N. Nanthakumar
Reception Red Class: Mrs R. Kaser
Reception Green Class: Mrs S. Qayum 


Key Stage 1 Teachers

1R: Mrs N. Rohim (Year 1 Leader)
1A: Mrs P. Arya
1D: Miss R. Dhir
1M: Mrs A. Mirza

2B: Mrs A. Bansal (Year 2 Leader, Assistant Headteacher, KS1 English Leader)
2A: Ms R. Akthar
2H: Miss H. Isa (KS1 Maths Leader)
2W: Mrs S. Warraich (EYFS / KS1 English Leader) 


Key Stage 2 Teachers

3B: Mrs J. Bamrah (Year 3 Leader)
3A: Mr A. Assad (Computing Leader)
3G: Mrs G. Bursuc
3M: Mrs M. Gheewala (Science Leader)

4C: Mr J. Curtis (Year 4 Leader, KS2 Maths Leader)
4F: Mrs Y. Ferdaws 
4K: Miss R. Khatun
4S: Miss S. Dhinsa

5R: Miss A. Rafiq (Year 5 Leader)
5C: Mrs S. Chishty (Art, D&T and Food technology Leader)
5F: Miss F. Riaz (PSHE Leader)
5T: Ms T. Aktar

6R: Mrs S. Rogers (Year 6 Leader, Assistant Headteacher)
6J: Mr P. Jackson (KS2 English Leader)
6M: Miss B. McNeill (History & Geography Leader)
6N: Mr N. Ahmad 


Support and Cover Teachers

Mrs M. Aguerralde (Music Leader)
Mrs C. Bal
Mrs I. Bezant
Mrs M. Hamid (RE Leader)
Mrs O. Javed
Mrs S. Landa (PE Co-Leader)
Miss L. Lane
Mrs M. Mannan
Mr K. Miah (PE Co-Leader)
Mrs A. Pascariello (MFL Leader)
Mrs A. Singh

Nursery Nurse

Mrs G. Mander

Pastoral Team

Miss N. Lewis (Pastoral Manager)
Mrs P. Landa (ELSA / LTA)
Mrs S. Singh (ELSA / LTA)

Learning and Teaching Assistants

Mrs F. Asad
Miss N. Bluemore
Mrs J. Borowy
Mrs K. Chowdhury
Mrs S. Daya
Miss C. Fowler
Miss H. Gash
Miss C. Greenberg
Mrs A. Gursaric
Mr J. Heeralal
Mrs E. Howells
Ms A. Imtiaz
Miss C. Jones
Mrs S. Kalam
Mrs V. Kpayser
Mrs N. Landa
Mrs N. Malique
Mrs S. Miah
Miss V. Morris
Mrs L. Rix
Mrs N. Sembhi
Miss D. Shehu
Mrs S. Speller
Miss C. Tyrrell
Miss A. Wahab

Speech and Language Teaching Assistants

Mrs A. Sint
Mrs A. Brar

Administration Staff

Mrs N. Warry (School Business Manager)
Mrs F. Kennedy (Attendance and Admissions Officer)
Mrs S. Pervez (Data Manager)
Mr A. Mercer (SEND Admin and First Aid)
Mrs S. Applegate (Extended Schools Co-ordinator)
Mrs P. Chan (Admin Officer)

Premises Staff

Mr A. Boddy (Site Manager)
Mr S. Dewar 

Midday Assistants

Mrs H. Dadhaniya
Mrs R. Kilic
Mrs S. Patel