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2023 Performance Data

Early Years Foundation Stage

53% of our pupils achieved a good level of development for 2023 and children have made good progress in all early learning goals. This is slightly lower than the national average figures and is a priority on our 2023-24 School Development Plan.

Physical development (81%) and Expressive Art & Design (81%) are receptions strongest performing subjects.

This Year 85.7% of our year 1 children achieved the expected standard in their Phonics tests. This is well above the National figures of 79%.

Key Stage 1







Reading: 71% of our children achieved the expected standard in line with the national expected figures (national expected 72%), 24.2% of these children were working at greater depth which is well above expected national figures (national expected figure for greater depth is 19%).

Writing: 63% of our children achieved expected standard in Writing. This is above national expected figures (national expected 60%). 9% of these children were working at greater depth, again in line with national expected figures (national expected is 8%).

Maths: 70% achieved the expected standard in Maths. This is in line with national expected figures (national expected 71%) 20% of these children were working at greater depth, which is well ahead national expected figures (national expected figures for maths 16%).


Year 4 Multiplication Test

45.8% of our year 4 children achieved full marks (25/25). The national figures were 43%.

The average score for this test was 21.9 (1.6 above the national figures).


End of Key Stage 2 Performance:

  Percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard Percentage of children achieving greater depth
Reading, writing & maths 58.8 0.8%
Reading 67.2% 29.4%
Writing 78.2% 0.8%
Maths 73.9% 33.6%
Grammar. Punctuation & Spelling 75.6% 37.8%


  Progress Score Average Scaled Score
Reading -0.13 105.0
Writing +0.06 -
GPS - 106.5
Mahts +1.47 105.7


The percentage of children achieving the expected standard and achieving the higher standard has slightly dropped since 2022 figures in all subject areas, however our figures for Writing, Maths and GPS are above the national expected figures.
In Reading, Maths and GPS our results are higher than National figures for children achieving greater depth.

Children achieving expected standard Barley Lane vs national

  Barley Lane National
Reading, Writing TA, Maths 58.8 59.4
Reading 67.2 72.6
Writing TA 78.2 71.5
Maths 73.9 72.9
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 75.6 72.3