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Physical Education

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At Barley Lane our intent is that PE will provide the skills necessary to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Children of all backgrounds will benefit from this to impact on their cognitive and physical selves. Through PE our children will cultivate practical skills, social skills, team work and empathy towards others. Furthermore, it will help grow their self-esteem and nurture skills such as problem solving, mediation, conflict resolution and leadership. Other subjects will be reinforced through PE activities such as dance and history. Through effective differentiation and scaffolding all children will be able to access PE lessons regardless of any Special Educational Needs.


Through PE lessons and long-lasting skills developed, our children will be able to understand and address real life situations and see failure as a stepping stone and an opportunity to realise their potential and succeed.



At Barley Lane we provide our children with the government-recommended hours of physical education through a mixture of both indoor and outdoor lessons. The main aim is to increase children’s knowledge, skills and fitness as they move through the key stages, in increasing intensity.

Main aspects covered by PE lessons:

  • Athletics
  • Dance
  • Fitness
  • Fundamentals
  • Gymnastics
  • Invasion Games
  • Net Games
  • Outdoor and Adventure
  • Striking and fielding
  • Swimming (Year 5)

Outdoor PE is mostly taught by subject specialist instructors as PPA cover and indoor PE by the class teacher. Planning is done weekly and follows the sequences prepared at the start of each Unit. Published Schemes of work that we use include Val Sabin, Twinkl and the Cambridge scheme. PE leaders and Year Group leaders select the most appropriate aspects of these schemes to achieve the outcomes outlined in the National Curriculum.

Teaching and learning of PE are high-quality, enjoyable and inclusive. Teachers will assess any potential risks at the start of each lesson and adapt accordingly.

Resources used are age-appropriate and some specialist resources are available for children with Special Educational Needs. All resources for outdoor PE are stored in the PE shed and apparatus for gymnastics stored safely in the halls.

For all PE lessons, children are taught to carry out a warm up and cool down so that they understand the effects of physical exercise on their bodies. Children are also taught how to lift and carry equipment safely.

Appropriate clothing and footwear should be worn, in line with the school’s uniform policy. No jewellery is allowed unless for religious purposes and all long hair should be tied back.

Annual sports days will celebrate sport within school and will provide opportunities for children to compete with each other in their house teams.

For enrichment activities, various external representatives may come into school to deliver coaching lessons in specialist sports. Physical and mental well-being is further enhanced by provisions with our after-school clubs such as cricket, badminton, football, multi-skills and golf. Where possible, the school will enter teams into local tournaments and will encourage different children to participate. Relevant risk assessments will be carried out by the staff member in charge in a timely manner.

Children who excel in PE will be encouraged to continue with this outside of school in addition to the above enrichment opportunities


Children will become fitter over time and will develop skills within all areas of the PE curriculum. They will be more confident, realise their own ability and succeed in continuing to take part in sports to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Children will improve their skills and stamina as they progress through school and this will impact positively on their physical and mental wellbeing. Where passion is developed for a specific sport, children will be encouraged to pursue this sport.

Staff record the children’s progress and use this to inform future planning. An End of Unit assessment will be carried out on Scholar-pack from the autumn term. Annual reporting to parents will include combined assessments from both the PE instructor and the class teacher. PE lessons are periodically monitored by Year group leaders, subject leader and/or members of the SLT.



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