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School Covid Arrangements

School Covid Arrangements



Attendance is mandatory, as per government guidelines. If your child has been abroad in recent weeks, it is your responsibility to check the government quarantine list and follow the regulations. Please inform us if your child will be in quarantine.

Face Coverings

Government guidance states that primary school children do not need to wear a face covering. You may wish your child to wear a face covering on their way to school, or in communal areas. If this is the case, please explain the importance of storing the face covering safely to your child. We encourage parents and carers to wear face coverings in the playground.


The School Day

Adjustments have been made including staggering of drop-off and collection times and staggered break times (including lunch), so that all children are not moving around the school at the same time. Drop off and collection should be ‘free flow’ with parents continuing to move towards the exit gate at all times. Please avoid congregating/socialising. If you have to wait at all during pick up, it is your responsibility to maintain social distancing. We will remain on the entrances for a little longer each morning in case some of you have difficulty.


Drop Off

We will be using three gates for drop off in the morning. There will be senior members of staff on each gate. Key Stage 2 parents must drop their children off at the allocated gate and are not allowed on site in the morning.



Eccleston Gate
(one way system out onto Barley Lane)

Huxley Drive Entrance

(Drop off at gate)

Barley Lane Entrance to Junior Playground
(Drop off at gate)


Year 2

Year 6

Year 4


Year 1

Year 5

Year 3


Reception Green Class


Reception Red, Yellow, Blue class (parents can enter the playground)


Collection at End of Day

All parents can enter the site to collect their children. The Junior Playground will follow a one way system from Huxley Drive to Barley Lane and have a ‘corridor’ down the middle for parents to walk through.


Eccleston Gate

Huxley Drive Main Entrance


Year 2

Year 4 and 6


Year 1 ,Reception Green Class

Year 3 and 5, Reception Red, Yellow, Blue Class


Nursery pm



Risk Assessment, Health and Safety


A comprehensive risk assessment has been written by the school, and approved by the local authority, which has informed our Plan for Reopening. This risk assessment and plan for reopening were reviewed in light of the government guidance on reopening, which was updated on Friday 28th August. A copy of this risk assessment is available on our school website. In the event that a child displays covid symptoms during the school day, parents will be called immediately to take them home, and the child will be isolated in a ‘waiting room’ whilst awaiting collection.


Lunchtimes and Playtimes


Lunchtimes and playtimes will be staggered to ensure the children can be adequately spaced in their  bubbles. Those children who bring a packed lunch will eat in their classrooms and then go out to the playground. Those having hot school dinners will be called to the dining hall at their allocated time.


Classroom Organisation


We will be operating ‘Bubbles’ this year. Children from Year 1 – Year 6 will sit forward-facing in pairs or rows. Outdoor spaces will be separated for bubbles and bubbles will not mix. As per government guidelines, children will be allowed to access and share resources within their bubbles. However, each child will have their own stationery wallet, to be provided by the school except for coloured pencils. Please could you provide your child with a set of ten coloured pencils. Children have access to reading books and will be allowed to take these home.

Transition and Curriculum


There will be adjustments to the curriculum offer for each year group, to ensure that key learning points from last academic year are fully addressed. Rest assured that work is constantly underway to meet this need. As teachers, this is our core purpose.


Contact with Parents

 Parent contact with staff should be limited. Emails and phone calls are the best method of contact. Any other meetings with parents will need to be arranged via the school office so that they can ensure that the meeting can be held in a safe environment.


Uniform and PE Kits

Children are expected to wear their school uniform every day except their allocated PE days, where they can wear their PE kit to school.  Government guidance released on 28th August indicates that uniforms do not need to be washed every day.

PE kit days are as follows:
Year 1: Wednesday
Year 2: Tuesday
Year 3: Friday
Year 4: Thursday
Year 5: Wednesday
Year 6: Monday



Children will need to take labelled water bottles, a packet of colouring pencils to school. These will be kept in the classroom. Children will have their own stationery wallets, which will not be shared with others. Packed lunches will be eaten in the classroom, and school dinners in the hall.  Please don't bring in any toys or PE Kits. Children should wear their PE kit on their allocated day.

Early Birds and other clubs

Our Early Birds club is now open. Extra-curricular clubs will not be taking place from May 2021.


Photo Gallery


We will be operating a one-way system through the playground for collection. Entrance will be on Huxley Drive (Y3-4-5-6 ) and Eccleston Crescent (Y1 and Y2).  Reception children will be informed of their entrance gate, depending on class. Nursery children will enter via the Barley Lane nursery gate.


entrance 2m2


out gate


one way


Stationery Pack