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BIG Garden Birdwatch

The RSPB ( Royal Society For The Protection Of Birds) are holding their 'BIG Garden Birdwatch' from Friday 27th January to Sunday 29th January. You don't have to have a garden, you can watch the birds from a balcony or in the park!
- Watch the birds around you for one hour.
-Count how many of each species of bird LANDS, not flies, on your patch.
- Go to - Big Garden Birdwatch- and send in the species you have seen and the number of them. There is lots of information on this site to help you identify birds.
38 million birds from UK skies have been lost in the last 50 years and nature is in crisis. These birdwatching results help the RSPB monitor how our UK birds are coping.
Our children in Barley Lane are learning about sustainability and part of that is helping to protect other living things. Some classes have been going outside to see what birds we have on our school grounds and we will be sending this information to the RSPB too.