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Big Walk & Wheel Week

Week beginning 27th March 2023 is Barley Lane’s ‘Big walk and wheel’ week. Children are encouraged to walk during the whole of this week. On their year groups designated day during this week children can cycle or scoot to school (check your year groups designated day below).
Walking, cycling and scooting is good as it makes our bodies healthier, creates happier minds, fewer cars at the school gates, cleaner air, less pollution, and more time to chat with family and friends and enjoy the great outdoors. If you live a long way a way from school why not try to park and stride. Leave your car ten minutes away and walk. If you can’t walk to school every day try to walk to school on at least one or two days next week.
Children that are seen walking, cycling or scooting during this week will receive a sticker.
Your year groups designated day to cycle or scoot to school is:
Monday – 27.3.23 – Year 6 and Reception
Tuesday 28.3.23 – Year 4 and 2
Wednesday 29.3.23 – Year 5 and 1
Thursday 30.3.23 – Year 3 and Nursery
Year 6, 5, 4 to leave bikes in the area behind Huxley Building.
Year Reception,1,2,3 to leave bikes and scooters in the quad.