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#Let Girls Play

The girls in years 2 ‐ 6 participated in a whole day of football sessions. The girls played football, learnt new skills and did football drills with Mrs Landa, Coach Brian and Coach Abs on 8th March celebrating a national event. This event was to show girls that they can play football. It was also Internation‐ al Women’s Day. The girls had a fantastic time.

‘I loved playing football today with all the girls in my year group because we don’t always get a chance to play togeth- er, I had so much fun and I love football.’ Safa A 5HS

‘I had fun and I have learned how to move with the ball in football thanks to the football coaches. The coaches all helped us all learn new skills’ Alayla 6J

It felt really nice to participate within the football match as the boys don’t always pass the ball to the girls. I had lots of fun and was very tired at the end of the session. Mya 6J

Thank you to Mrs Landa for organising the event and a big thank you to Coach Abs and Coach Brian