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We often receive feedback from visitors and people we have worked with. Please read through the lovely comments which we have received in recent months!


February 2024

Project Officer, 'ReachOut' Mentoring Scheme

“Barley Lane is an absolute pleasure to work with. The staff’s dedication and commitment to work alongside ReachOut is outstanding."

June 2023

Neighbourhood Engagement and Education Officer, Redbridge

I am the Engagement Officer for the South of the borough and held a session at Tech Ilford at Redbridge Central Library on Saturday. We had many children from your school stop by who were so well behaved and I was particular impressed with their recycling knowledge and willingness to listen and learn. One boy stopped by who is in Year 2 and has excellent coding knowledge! It was a brilliant session and we are so happy that adults and children from your school decided to attend.


July 2021

Gaelic Football Coaches

It was a pleasure to coach the children!

April 2021

Prospective Parent

We appreciated the school's approach to providing a virtual tour, during the pandemic. It has been a hard time making such an important decision as to where to send our daughter and seeing the fact that Barley Lane went the extra mile to provide an insight as to how the school operates really stood out to us. We believe that the modern ways of teaching and interaction exhibited would be a great fit for our Daughter.

September 2020

External Trainer

I am writing to say how well the Subject Leaders responded to the first of the three planned Subject Leadership sessions throughout this current academic year....all of the subject leaders engaged throughout the session and reflected purposefully on their role as subject leaders. In particular, they showed a good awareness of Ofsted’s expectations in terms of subject leadership in light of the revised curriculum...there was a very positive vibe among the group, a sense of purpose. I wish you and your staff all the very best for the new academic year.

March 2020

Year 3 Parent 

As a parent, I would like to sincerely thank you all- the teachers, admin team, support team... everyone from the bottom of my heart for providing us with the ‘home learning tool’, it has been so useful and really simple to follow. The hard work that’s gone in to providing us with resources, schedules, step by step links to websites for the children, even prepared to print work sheets out for us, absolutely fantastic work. All of this prepared so promptly during this unprecedented time, the support/effort made for us to continue to provide our children with a structured educational setting at home has to be commended.

February 2020

Photography Workshop 

"The Y5 teacher and all the pupils were amazing today, such a pleasure."

December 2019

Workshop Provider

"I just wanted to thank you again for having Judaism for Schools at Barley Lane yesterday. It really was a pleasure to work with your friendly , open-minded and well-behaved pupils. I was made to feel most welcome by staff and pupils alike. It’s really lovely to go into a school  which has had no Jewish educators before yet where there is such a  good level of knowledge and interest; a testament to your teachers’ enthusiasm."

Parent Volunteer

"I went on the year 1 trip to the Museum of Childhood today and the children were so well behaved. I did not imagine it could be so smooth having nearly 60 5 & 6 year olds on the central line, but they were excellent and the staff did a great job!"

Bollywood Club Provider

"Thank you for another successful Bollywood term at Barley Lane!"

External Reading Consultant

"I really enjoy working with your staff!"

November 2019

Redbridge Foodbank

"We would like to acknowledge and thank you for your generous Harvest donation. Our services are more in demand than ever before. In the last financial year, we gave out over 6,000 three-day food and toiletry single parcels for those most in need in our borough. The support of yourselves and all our other supporters is what enables us to make a real difference to the lives of our clients. We could not do it without you and are eternally grateful for your generosity. Your ongoing support of our cause is invaluable and very much appreciated."

Iroko Theatre 

"We are delighted to hear that our visit went down well with both pupils and staff.  Alex and team enjoyed the visit and had spoken about the pupils’ enthusiasm and willingness to learn and ask questions.  Our sincere thanks too to the staff, whom I understand, were very helpful and welcoming."

Peer Review

"At all times in school, team members observed staff and pupils treating one another with dignity. SMCS permeated displays. Leaders at all levels modelled high levels of interest and positive relationships."


October 2019

Letter from a member of the public

Dear Headteacher

I felt I must write to thank you and your staff for the charming 'thank you letters' I received from several children who came to learn about the 2nd World War in February. Following this line we both came to the rededication of the War Memorial outside St Paul's Church and were so amazed and appreciative of the work prepared by the members of the school. Such hard work!

They were so polite and thoroughly lovely young folk and we both keep thinking of them with their charming manners. We appreciate also the members of staff we met and feel we should congratulate you and them for the great training you are giving in every way.

Please pass on my thanks to the now 'top class' pupils and I wish them all success in their future lives.