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PLEASE NOTE: School dinners are free for those in Reception, Year 1 and 2. Please sign up HERE.

Whether your child has school dinners or packed lunch, here at Barley Lane School we encourage all the children to eat healthily and follow a balanced diet.

Children in the Nursery and Reception classes are provided with snacks that are available throughout the sessions as well as water or milk to drink. Snacks consist of a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Children from Year 1 and above are able to bring in from home a healthy snack and drink into school for break times, or alternatively can buy a snack from Munchies which is our break time snack shop.

The following items are available for your child to buy all at 20p per item:

Squash drink
Cheese and Crackers
Rice Cakes
Brown bread with low fat spread

From Reception onwards, children are able to have school dinners, packed lunches or go home for lunch. School dinners, for children in year 3 and above,  cost £2.25 per day, and offer a wide variety of healthy, tasty food.

Our school meals are prepared freshly on site and are provided by Pabulum Caterers. More information can be found on their website WWW.PABULUM-CATERING.CO.UK.

We have introduced a colour token system to ensure every child is provided with the main meal of their choice. The choices are:

Red for meat

Yellow for halal

Green for vegetarian

Blue for alternative

Orange for a cold lunch, e.g. sandwich or wrap (KS2 only)

Also available every day will be a dessert, fresh salad selection, home baked bread, fresh fruit, homemade yogurt with selected toppings, custard and fresh drinking water.

Please discuss these options with your child so that they can become familiar with the menu. It is important your child knows what they will be eating each day and they choose correctly at morning registration.

All children can change from day to day between school dinners, packed lunch or home dinners. They do not have to be the same all week.

All payments for school dinners should now be made online via ParentPay or by ParentPay card at a pay point outlet. The school will no longer be accepting cash. Please ensure you make regular payments to keep your child’s account up to date and that any arrears are cleared immediately.

Children who are going home for lunch are to be collected from the main office at 12.15pm for FS and KS1 and 12:25 for KS2 pupils, and are to be returned to the playground entrance at Huxley Drive where a member of staff will let the children in at 1.15pm