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PE Days

Children should wear their PE kit on their PE day. Indoor PE is gymnastics this half term, please make sure children do not wear baggy/wide jogging bottoms. Information about PE kit can be found on our website.

PE days are as follows:
Reception : Thursday (outdoor) Friday (indoor)
1A, 1B, 1W: Monday (outdoor) Wednesday (indoor)
1G: Monday (outdoor) Friday (indoor)
2A & 2Q: Tuesday (indoor) Friday (outdoor)
2H & 2T: Monday (indoor) Friday (outdoor)
3A: Monday (indoor) Friday (outdoor)
3D: Thursday (indoor) Friday (outdoor)
3K: Tuesday (indoor) Friday (outdoor)
3R: Wednesday (indoor) Friday (outdoor)
4B & 4BM: Tuesday (indoor) Wednesday (outdoor)
4F & 4R: Monday (indoor) Wednesday (outdoor)
5B & 5M:Tuesday (indoor) Thursday (outdoor)
5HS & 5T: Wednesday (indoor) Thursday (outdoor)
6C & 6F: Thursday (indoor) Tuesday (outdoor)
6J & 6N: Friday (indoor) Tuesday (outdoor)