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Remembrance Assembly - Year 6

Year 6 recently had a special Remembrance Day live assembly with the National Literacy Trust partnered with the Royal British Legion. For this event, we were joined by over 200,000 children from over 1,000 other schools across the country to commemorate the sacrifices made by British soldiers. The assembly has since been uploaded to the National Literacy Trust YouTube channel to allow viewers to watch during their own time. It was a great success and we hope to do it again next year, inviting more year groups to join us!

"I found that this was the most meaningful Remembrance Day assembly I've ever been to. I liked how they included many different views and speakers as part of the event. The two minute silence really got me thinking." - Asher, 6M

"The reason I enjoyed the assembly is because during the two minutes of silence, you could see everyone in the studio and across other schools doing it with you. I really felt for the soldiers during the assembly." - Hadi, 6M