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Stem Week

We have had a very busy but very enjoyable week at BLPS. We were celebrating 30 years of British Science Week (BSW).

We kick-started the celebrations by participating in a live-streamed assembly to celebrate this year's British Science Week

theme ‐ 'time' ‐ hosted by the Royal Observatory Greenwich. Time affects every part of our lives. Children connect‐ ed the theme to learning that was taking place in their classes in other subject areas to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Historic periods were explored, and connections were made to lots of different diverse science and engineering sensational scientists.

On Monday morning, an interactive assembly focused on Engineering was held, led by the Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) team of teachers, to ignite the students passion of learning in STEM. Inspired and excited by the topics presented to them, Students were eager to participate in the assembly.

A fantastic way we encouraged children to take an interest in STEM was to introduce transferable skills used by those who have worked or are working in STEM related jobs. Children got to watch live science farm life and learn about the life of a farmer and farm vet and how their roles have

changed over time to do their work effectively.

Following on, all the classes spent a day on various different exciting STEM related projects that connected to their learning which led to an incredible exhibition setup to showcase learning. It was overwhelmingly great to see so many of our parents and community coming to share the displays of work and most importantly learn from and with the children. Children showed great confidence in sharing their learning experiences and teaching parents and other children about their learning. It was great to see parents learning from children but also children learning from other children.

“I really liked learning about how a banana can be squished up and you can get DNA from it” – Y2 child

“When you eat an apple and then leave it

for too long it goes brown and that is science” – Y1 child

“This boy told me all about how water moves on an aqueduct and it was invented in the Roman times” – Y1 child learning from another child.

“I have really enjoyed seeing all the learning. I know now what exciting work my child will do when they move through school and I can help them. It has given me lots of ideas.” Y2 Parent

“The children have explained their learning so clearly” Year 3 parent

“I wish we had had so much exciting learning when we were at school. The children know more than me and my husband.” Year 2 Parent